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Real Estate

Showcasing your property for short or long term rental or sale in the real estate market must incorporate local knowledge, excellent management and the best resources to make your project a success. I provide Still Photography, Aerial Video & Photography, High Definition Video, and 3D-360 Matterport Virtual Tour services to real estate agents and property owners for any project in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. 


A successful real estate project must integrate excellent pre-production, production and post-production services that get results. All my efforts are guided towards providing the best services for short and long term rental and sales until satisfying the particular necessities that each project requires. All production process integrates the necessary resources until achieving a complete and cost effective production strategy for every project, creating the conditions for making projects happen for clients.

All my efforts focus in developing effective alternatives in the analysis, planning, design, implementation, execution, evaluation, control and effectiveness of every project. Integrating products and services to the culture, the necessities, and the direction clients are looking for. Presenting each project with unique and cost effective alternatives to existing needs while providing clients with the best service until achieving the best product.


It is my responsibility to maximize production and minimize time at the property before the shoot, Therefore, I prefer to make a separate appointment prior to the actual shoot to scout the property with the client. This helps determine the optimal time to conduct the photo shoot and enhances the final product. This pre-shoot walk-through is included in the fee depending on the actual location of the property.

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