A successful project must integrate excellent pre-production, production and post-production services that get results. All my efforts are guided towards providing the best Still Photography, Drone Photography & High Definition Video services until satisfying the particular necessities that each project requires. All production process integrates the necessary resources until achieving a complete and cost effective production strategy for every project, creating the conditions for making projects happen for clients.

I work closely with the director, the production designer or the real estate agent during pre-production to find and secure their expressed creative vision. It is my responsibility, for the initial scouting of all the locations used in a film, that I translate the writer and director’s vision for the look of the scene into a viable and appropriate location.














Film Location Photography


As location scout I will usually oversee several other scouts and assistant managers during the course of any project. My experience will take into account all the logistics necessary for the production to adequately work. Before submitting any location for approval I’ll provide all the fees and budgetary restrictions of the production, local permitting costs and regulations, camera and lighting requirements, convenience to other locations, crew, production services, crew and unit parking, and possibly incidental issues such as direction of the sun, traffic in and around the location, airplane flight paths, weather patterns, road work, demonstrations and even interest by local organized crime families.


Once the location has been determined to meet the appropriate look, I can schedule dates for preparation, wrap and strike, and negotiate with the property owner an appropriate fee as well as fees to any neighbors and tenants that may also be impacted by the production. I will also apply for the necessary permits through the local municipality and/or community and housing associations, arrange parking for trucks, equipment and crew, prepare temporary facilities for holding production, talent, crew and meals, and ensuring the security of the location, the safety of the crew while minimizing the impact to the surrounding community.


I work aware of the production’s needs and know how to best accommodate them while diplomatically ensuring that the requirements of all parties, from the property owners, line producer, director and production designer to the grip and electric lighting and rigging the set and their teamster brothers with all their trucks, trailers and vans. As the first and last person the public sees that represent the production I’ll be responsible for ensuring that the location is returned to the condition in which it was received.



Real Estate Photography


Our work process is guided towards achieving success, and the design and development of creative and innovative solutions, complying with the specific requisites and necessities for each project until accomplishing client’s goals and objectives. My goal is to assist each of my clients to communicate the right message effectively. Always discovering powerful new ways for my clients to communicate to their target audience, adequately and intelligently.


The purpose for the effective integration of these services and alternatives is to provide the best possible services and resources, at the best cost possible, increasing the opportunity for my clients to produce future projects. Therefore, I prefer to make a separate appointment prior to the actual shoot to scout the property with the client. This helps determine the optimal time to conduct the photo shoot and enhances the final product. This pre-shoot walk-through is included in the fee.

Economy Photo Shoot          $175.00 (Starting at)

  • Includes up to 10 images

  • Includes interior and exterior coverage

  • Includes post-production processing

  • Appropriate for properties under 2,000 sq. ft.


Standard Photo Shoot          $225.00 (Starting at)

  • Includes up to 15 images

  • Includes interior and exterior coverage

  • Includes post-production processing

  • Appropriate for properties between 2,001 and 4,000 sq. ft.


Premium Photo Shoot          $300.00 (Starting at)

  • Includes up to 25 images

  • Includes interior and exterior coverage

  • includes post-production processing

  • Appropriate for properties over 4,001 sq. ft.

HD Video                                 $250.00 (Starting at)

  • Up to 2 finished minutes

  • Includes post-production processing


Drone Photography               $225.00 (Starting at)

  • Includes post-production processing

  • Photography includes up to 10 images

  • Video includes up to 2 finished minutes

3D-360 Matterport Virtual Tour

  • This service applies when specifically requested from Client. We will supply an estimate before beginning work.

Image Retouching        

  • This service applies when client requests specific retouching, including removal of cars, objects, or major blemishes.

  • We will supply an estimate before beginning work.

Twilight Exteriors and Exterior Only

  • This service applies when specifically requested from Client. We will supply an estimate before beginning work.